This recipe was given to Shazif from his mother, and it was a popular choice at the February 2016 potluck! It’s a little spicy, but fully delicious!

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Greek Salad

Markos made this greek salad for our potluck! It’s a classic dish that’s easy to make! Plus the natural ingredients make it both delicious and healthy.

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Pizza Dip

This three cheese dip is easy to make and a crowd pleaser. Katie’s aunt makes this recipe for family gatherings and Katie made it for the Spiders at our February 2016 potluck! It also goes great with tortilla chips or bread!

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Smashed Celeriac

After stumbling upon celeriac Adrian wanted to use it in a recipe, and he did! A hit at the February 2016 potluck, the smashed celeriac is a delicious, and healthy, dish!

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Mac and Cheese Muffins

Spiders Paige Kelly and Kirsty Fraser teamed up to make Mac ‘N’ Cheese Muffins, the winning dish of the February 2016 potluck. This recipe serves about 12 people and is clearly a crowd pleaser! Continue Reading

Garlic Knots

Katie not only plans the Spider potlucks, but she also always make some great appetizers! These garlic knots are easy to make and go great with any Italian style dish.

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