Spiders Year in Review

The Spiders process is to get inspired, do a little research, create something amazing, and then do it all over again–all it takes is a little passion and drive.

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Spider Colleen Linn Helps Resettle Local Refugees

This past August, Colleen Linn began interning as a case manager at the Catholic Charities resettlement program in Syracuse. Colleen, a web accessibility consultant at Spiders, works with refugees who had to flee their home countries, including Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bhutan, and now Syria, due to unsafe conditions. The program resettled 601 refugees in 2014.

Resettlement includes assistance with applying to jobs, registering for English language classes, finding translators and housing, and securing medical care. The Catholic Youth Organization partners with the Syracuse City School District to run special programs that prepare refugee children for U.S. schooling. In 2014, over 2,336 children and teens received service at neighborhood centers, schools, and libraries within the city.

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Indoor Mapping Initiative

In January 2014, Spiders began working on an accessibility initiative in cooperation with Google Maps. For over 15 months, the Spiders put in over 440 hours of work to create indoor maps of the buildings on Syracuse University’s campus.

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