Fall 2017 Potluck: A Sweet Beginning to the Semester

Spiders and Online Platforms came together on Friday, September 22, to enjoy a selection of diverse dishes from around the world. “The potluck was a nice way to bond with the Spiders team over tasty quesitos and shortbread!” says AJ Nelson, a freshman newspaper journalism major and graphic designer at Spiders.

The potlucks are designed for both teams to set aside their work and come together for a “common love of good food” says Spiders coordinator, Katie Canete ’18. She brought in freshly baked Irish soda bread – can you guess which country that originates from? Coming from its neighbor, Scotland, Kirsty Fraser ’18 baked millionaire’s shortbread to represent her home country. In an effort to contribute without a kitchen, Liz Bullock ’19 grabbed the first drink from Wegman’s she could find that was not in English – it happened to be from Japan. Full-timer, Adrian, kindly pretended to like it. Other dishes included a watermelon and feta salad, biryani, apple pie, apple cake, and a healthy vegetable dip courtesy of Jono.

The winners, OP team members Beth Fritzinger and Ben Adamson, brought in two tasty dishes that won everyone’s taste buds over. On the savory side, Ben rustled up a tater tot twist on the iconic shepherd’s pie – a midwestern delicacy. Beth’s delicious oreo cheesecake, which she also considered her birthday cake, added a sugar crash to the rest of the afternoon.