February 2016 Potluck Exceeds Expectations

On Friday, February 26, Spiders and Online Platforms came together for their first potluck of the spring 2016 semester.

The potluck boasted a wide variety of appetizers, entrees, and desserts, including Jeremy Dennen’s blueberry crumb pie, Monica Rexach’s quesitos filled with guava and cream cheese, and Katie Canete’s famous pizza dip.

“Everyone brought some really great food. I got to try new things and talk to people that I don’t get to see usually,” Megan Elliott said.

In addition to all the food, the potluck provided a chance for everyone to meet the newest Spider, Meredith Bobrow, who is interning as a web developer this semester, with a focus on data visualization projects. Special guests, Maren Guse, assistant director of digital and social media, and Leah from the #44Social team, were also in attendance.

Once everyone had tasted of all the delicious foods, voting began to determine the potluck’s winning dish. Following a close tie with Gizem Bayhan’s empanadas and Shazif Shaikh’s haleem, Paige Kelly and Kirsty Fraser’s mac ‘n’ cheese muffins won best dish. View the winning recipe.

After the potluck cleanup and despite a sugar crash from all those sweet desserts, Spiders and OP returned to work in their cubicles with plans for a much-deserved nap later.