Halloween 2016 Potluck: A Spooktacular Event

On Friday, October 21st, Spiders and Online Platforms took a much-needed break from the heavy rain and midterms with a Halloween-themed potluck and a Skype chat with Spiders alumna Chelsea Lorenz ‘14.

The potluck was nothing short of spook-tacular and featured a great selection of entrées and desserts, including Katie Canete’s dirt and worms (crushed oreos and pudding), Paige Kelly’s jack o’ lantern empanadas, and Kirsty Fraser’s hot dog mummies. Despite the competition, Jeremy Dennen was a clear winner with his scary spicy chili!

We caught up with Chelsea Lorenz and asked her about her job as a front-end web developer at IBM in Austin, Texas. She talked about how she landed the position and had plenty of advice to share with Spiders about finding their career paths after graduation.

Chelsea highlighted the importance of finding a mentor and negotiating a starting salary with an employer (she was the only one in her team to do so). She explained that with every new job, there is an expected learning curve; Chelsea has learned to work with people across the globe, overcoming cultural boundaries for effective collaboration.  

However, the most significant take away for Spiders is that it’s OK if they don’t have a defined path ahead or find a job related to their studies in college. Chelsea had no idea she would end up at IBM, but hasn’t looked back since.

“It was cool talking to Chelsea, a Spiders alumni who is now successful, and seeing how Spiders helped her,” said Ellie Haines, a content publisher at Spiders. “We’re a part of this amazing thing and seeing what Spiders can do for our future, and even now, is great.”