May 2015 Family Newsletter

Editor’s Letter

Dear Spiders Past and Present,

After a long, cold winter in Syracuse, it seems like we have finally gotten to the “other side.” Spring has been a welcome change, bringing with it a sense of accomplishment and optimism of upcoming graduation. As the season changes, we Spiders are at the top of our game, working with an earned finesse and completing long-term projects with consistency.

One of these projects, Spiders Family, has grown from an idea into reality through a lot of help from all of you. I’m excited to announce that Spiders Family serves as an interactive alumni network that holds tremendous potential for Spiders past and present. Our goal is to help sustain and grow the connections formed in ITS cubicles to strong, tight-knit business relationships for the future. As alums gain new channels to stay in touch with the University and former workplace, current spiders will have advocates and advisors for an array of industries and opportunities.

In order to build this network, the Spiders Family has initiated the following:

  • Spiders now maintain a Family database. Remember those surveys? All of that information will be used to stay in touch with the Spiders Family. Current Spiders, and graduated Spiders alike, may request contacts within the family.
  • If we can find you on Facebook, you will be added to the Spiders Facebook Group! This group will be exclusive to Spiders, and will be beneficial to those who wish to keep in touch with each other. The Facebook wall will be used to share job openings, interesting articles, and opinions with one another.
  • Spiders past and present will receive this Spiders Family Newsletter every two months. Similar to this issue, future editions will include Spiders news, editorial pieces, and family member profiles. If you would like something shared in the newsletter, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you to all of you who responded to the survey and in turn built this network. Spiders Family can truly be a special organization for all of us. Please stay tuned to future developments, and keep building webs!


Will Skalmoski

Welcome to Spiders

We asked our newest Spiders, “What is your passion?” Click on a Spider to find out what they said!

Where Alumni Are Working

By collecting data from Spider alums, we are proud to include a list of workplaces where past Spiders have “built webs.” Below the workplaces of former Spiders are listed by student graduation years.


Maxx Berkowitz – Freelance Graphic Designer
Dorwin Dsouza – Software Development Engineer,


Sudhira Chavan – Forensic Tech Services, Ernst & Young
Yoon Kyung Lee – Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, United Nations Development Program
Melanie Leis – Senior Research Analyst, McKinsey & Company


Jennifer Morgan – IT Analyst, Syracuse University


Kateryna Hlynchuk – Architectural Designer, AECOM
Tori Holcomb – Research Engineer, Oasis Systems
Archit Joshi – Web Developer, Coffee Meets Bagel
Chelsea Lorenz – Software Engineer, IBM
Nicky Zamoida – Designer/Copy Editor, GateHouse Media


Gamze Kahya – Graduate Student

Senior Send Off

On Friday, April 17, Spiders celebrated the graduating seniors during a potluck lunch. With plenty of food to choose from, mac and cheese by Marcus McLean ’14 and empanadas by Lyndsey Jimenez ’15 took top prizes for favorite dish and best effort, respectively.

Following a lengthy and delicious lunch, the afternoon’s events ended with the presentation of special Spiders diplomas to each departing Spider. As a “thank you,” the soon-to-be graduates presented Jono with an inflatable Minion. Needless to say, the boss loved it!

Please welcome these new seniors to the Spiders Family Alumni Network. Though we are sad to see them go, we cannot wait to see what they can achieve.