Senior Profile: Claire Alex

Political Science and History (Spiders is my third major)

Orange County, CA

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

How’d you become a Spider?
I interviewed in the fall of my freshman year and the team liked my shoes. It’s funny because I almost didn’t apply for the position because I thought I wasn’t qualified, and yet here we are four years later.

What is your favorite Spiders memory?
I think one of my favorite Spiders memories is when Shelby wrapped Nolan’s cube in bubble wrap my freshman year and then we wrapped her in it. Another great one is making Archit say “blueberry bagel” over and over my freshman year. AND there will always be watching Will play model in the basement. Can’t blame him, he looks good in his poster, and he even got a profile picture out of it.

Any advice for future Spiders?
Go beyond your cube and department. You never quite know who is sitting next to you (in life and at Spiders). Get to know everyone. Spiders and the people around you will enrich your college experience.