Senior Profile: Ensley Rivers

Communication Design

San Diego, CA

Design, sleeping, socializing

Why’d you decided to #GoOrange?
I found out about SU after I did yearbook in high school and realized that I wanted to pursue a career in design. Syracuse had two design programs, graphic design and Com Design (and advertising which I thought I wanted to minor in). The campus was beautiful, it had three majors I was interested in, and it had a good basketball team which my dad liked.

How did you end up a Spider?
I first heard about it my freshman year through Claire (a fellow Spider) because she lived on my floor, and coming into my senior year I wanted a job and remembered Spiders. Also, I wanted to do graphic design and I had the opportunity to do that here, so I liked that.

Where do you hope your experience at Spiders and your education at SU will take you in the future?
I’ve been able to learn about so many different things, whether it be design or other, so I think Syracuse and Spiders has helped me do that. I hope it’ll help me do new things in the field of design.