September 2015 Family Newsletter

Editor’s Letter

Dear Spiders Family,

No season flies by as quickly as summer does. Spiders are now gearing up to take on the new school year, whether it be from Syracuse, NYC, or abroad. After countless hours spent interning and having fun with friends, I am embracing new initiatives this fall. As I write this, my head is spinning: I’m beginning my semester abroad in London and there is so much to do.

In our May 2015 newsletter, we celebrated an excellent graduating class of Spiders. In order to fill the tremendous void left after their departure, Spiders continues to hire new talent. We are always on the lookout for passionate and motivated content publishers, graphic designers, and web developers. A year’s worth of ideas and projects certainly requires a high-powered staff!

Though I’m in London this fall, I look forward to writing these newsletters from abroad with a new, worldly perspective. I will miss my seat in the Spiders office, but I’m guessing Europe will offer other inspiring workspaces. I hope this newsletter finds the Spiders Family well, and I wish you all my best during these coming months!

Bon Voyage!

Will Skalmoski

Putting the Web Together Isn’t Easy spent the summer under construction, but now the dust has cleared and it’s ready for you to enjoy!

It is our goal to keep Spiders, alumni, and interested students updated on what’s going on at Spiders and how they can get involved.

On the site, you’ll find the newly added Meet The Team page which features Spiders avatars illustrated by Monica Rexach ‘17. We’re also happy to announce that we’ve added a section of the website dedicated solely to Spiders Family. Under this tab, you’ll find an archive of our newsletters, as well as a list of our alumni and where they work. If your information is missing or incorrect, please do not hesitate to contact us about updating it! It is our hope that this section of the website will help Spiders alumni stay in touch and create new connections. After all, networking is one of the keys to success.

If you have any comments about the Spiders website, please let us know! Feedback is always welcome.

Meet Our Newest Spiders!

We asked, “What motivates you?” Click on a Spider to find out what they said.

Have any advice for our newest additions? Send it our way!

Spiders want to hear what alumni have to say about getting jobs and internships, as well as how to maintain a work-life balance. If you have any thoughts to share, we would definitely like to hear them. You could be featured in our next newsletter!

In addition, if you’re interested in talking to Spiders about where you’re working and how you got your job, we’d love to have you as a guest speaker, either in person or via Skype. Email with your best piece of advice or if you’d like to give a talk. We look forward to hearing from you.

Spiders Alumni Spotlight

Nicky Zamoida

Since moving from her hometown in New Hampshire to Austin, Texas, Nicky Zamoida has enjoyed stepping out of her self-described “comfort zone.” After graduating from SU in May 2014, Zamoida took a job with GateHouse Media. She currently designs newspapers which are distributed weekly in the eastern regions of Massachusetts.

“It’s important to step outside of your comfort zone.”

Upon arriving at Syracuse, Zamoida majored in business, with a minor in music industry. Later in her college career, she switched her major and minor to writing and rhetoric and LGBT studies, respectively. Armed with the lessons learned in these courses, Zamoida began her Spiders career as a content writer. Eventually, she expanded her skill set to include extensive knowledge of InDesign and the Digital Publishing Suite, a leap which Zamoida credits as influential in landing her job at GateHouse Media. As far as future plans go, Zamoida says, “For the first time, I’m okay with living away from home. I’m going to take advantage of my independence.”

Zamoida offered this advice to current Spiders: “It’s important to step outside of your comfort zone. It’s the only way to learn how to be a stronger person.”