October 2017 Family Newsletter

A Spooktacular Day

Dear Spiders Family,

Happy Friday the 13th, AKA the unluckiest day of the year! While Spiders are not too superstitious, we can’t believe it’s already October (where has the time gone?). As Spiders do, we are busy getting into the spooky spirit as Halloween approaches!

Spiders have been busy at work, too. We started this semester with two new additions to the Spiders team and we finally have a LinkedIn account – feel free to follow it!

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January 2017 Family Newsletter

The Long Haul

Dear Spiders Family,

Happy New Year! As we begin 2017, we see potential as one Spider graduates, three Spiders head abroad, and our alumni continue to pursue great things. And to top everything off, Syracuse University has a brand new website to keep us busy. Our Spiders never stop spinning webs.  Continue Reading