January 2017 Family Newsletter

The Long Haul

Dear Spiders Family,

Happy New Year! As we begin 2017, we see potential as one Spider graduates, three Spiders head abroad, and our alumni continue to pursue great things. And to top everything off, Syracuse University has a brand new website to keep us busy. Our Spiders never stop spinning webs.  Continue Reading

Halloween 2016 Potluck: A Spooktacular Event

On Friday, October 21st, Spiders and Online Platforms took a much-needed break from the heavy rain and midterms with a Halloween-themed potluck and a Skype chat with Spiders alumna Chelsea Lorenz ‘14.

The potluck was nothing short of spook-tacular and featured a great selection of entrées and desserts, including Katie Canete’s dirt and worms (crushed oreos and pudding), Paige Kelly’s jack o’ lantern empanadas, and Kirsty Fraser’s hot dog mummies. Despite the competition, Jeremy Dennen was a clear winner with his scary spicy chili! Continue Reading

October 2016 Family Newsletter

Changes with the Fall

Dear Spiders Family,

And we’re back! Just like that, we’ve got another year of Spiders in full swing. The fall season has brought plenty of changes: we have seven new Spiders, ten seniors preparing for graduation, and two Spiders abroad. And to top it all off, we’re introducing new Spiders branding! I’m in Los Angeles for the semester, and in my absence, we are fortunate to have fellow Spider Kirsty Fraser picking up the slack!

In this newsletter, we start by saying “Hello” to our new Spiders. They’re now part of our increasingly big and impressive Spiders Family!
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Spiders Year in Review

The Spiders process is to get inspired, do a little research, create something amazing, and then do it all over again–all it takes is a little passion and drive.

The 2015-16 school year was a successful one for Spiders. Take a look at our recap! Continue Reading

Senior Send-Off 2016

On Wednesday, May 4, Spiders and Online Platforms came together to celebrate the end of the school year and the graduating Spiders the best way we know how – with food! There was plenty of pizza, ice cream, chips, and homemade Oreos to go around. It was certainly a sweet way to send off the soon-to-be graduates. Continue Reading

April 2016 Family Newsletter

Spring is in the Air

Dear Spiders Family,

After a surprisingly mild Syracuse winter, we are now enjoying the benefits of warmer weather: more sunshine, less layers, and the anticipation of summer.

As another semester progresses, we want to highlight the diversity of skills that exist in our office. Not only are there talented writers, designers, and developers, but we also have skilled chefs, artists, and musicians. Read on to learn about Jeremy Dennen’s aspirations as a triple major, view Monica Rexach and Kate Percevault’s latest works of art, and catch up with Spiders alum Chelsea Lorenz ’14. Continue Reading

Spider Will Skalmoski Makes Music with Band, Pizza Party

Surrounded by empty Domino’s pizza boxes in their South Campus apartment, Will Skalmoski and his three roommates decided to start a band. Appropriately named Pizza Party, the rock and roll band which performs both original music and covers, has played more than 25 shows since that night in the fall 2014 semester.

Will is a junior in the Bandier Program for Music and Entertainment Industries and a content publisher at Spiders. When he isn’t working, he’s rehearsing with Pizza Party.

He has always known he wanted to make music. Will started playing the guitar at age 12 and has been writing songs for as long as he can remember. When he hit high school, he started to take songwriting seriously and has since produced pieces including “Lucy,” “Lies! You Told me,” and “Give it a Minute.” Pizza Party performs the songs regularly, in addition to other tracks called “Help me Out” and “Can’t Wait.” Continue Reading

February 2016 Potluck Exceeds Expectations

On Friday, February 26, Spiders and Online Platforms came together for their first potluck of the spring 2016 semester.

The potluck boasted a wide variety of appetizers, entrees, and desserts, including Jeremy Dennen’s blueberry crumb pie, Monica Rexach’s quesitos filled with guava and cream cheese, and Katie Canete’s famous pizza dip.

“Everyone brought some really great food. I got to try new things and talk to people that I don’t get to see usually,” Megan Elliott said.

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Spider Colleen Linn Helps Resettle Local Refugees

This past August, Colleen Linn began interning as a case manager at the Catholic Charities resettlement program in Syracuse. Colleen, a web accessibility consultant at Spiders, works with refugees who had to flee their home countries, including Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bhutan, and now Syria, due to unsafe conditions. The program resettled 601 refugees in 2014.

Resettlement includes assistance with applying to jobs, registering for English language classes, finding translators and housing, and securing medical care. The Catholic Youth Organization partners with the Syracuse City School District to run special programs that prepare refugee children for U.S. schooling. In 2014, over 2,336 children and teens received service at neighborhood centers, schools, and libraries within the city.

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February 2016 Family Newsletter

“It’s Never Easy, but Always Enjoyable”

Dear Spiders Family,

Happy 2016 to all! After a lengthy hiatus, I am back on US soil and in Syracuse with the Spiders team once again. When asked about my abroad experience, I have told family and friends that my time in London was “never easy, but always enjoyable.” In this newsletter, you can read about Spider Claire Alex’s time abroad and how she made the most of her experience.

My credo worked well for me while abroad; therefore, I’ve chosen to apply it to life at Spiders. As we embark on a busy spring semester, we must remember that the hardest challenges can be tackled with the right mindset. Overcoming and achieving can be enjoyable, and Spiders know this all too well. Read on to find out how Spiders Alumni Shelby Netschke manages to balance her daily successes and failures in the world of social media.

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