Orange Television Network

In fall 2014, Spiders Michael Brandt ’15 and Marcus McLean ’14 embarked on an ambitious project to redesign the Orange Television Network website. The primary objective–installing a slider for use throughout the entire site–involved months of learning on the job.

Brandt and McLean came up with a solution to the problem by creating a jQuery widget, and in the process, leveraging APIs to their maximum potential. When asked about the project, McLean stressed the need for the slider to be reusable throughout the website. This required the slider to be configurable and option-based. Additionally, the slider needed to be dynamic so it could be used with different sizes and feeds, and load on demand using AJAX.

Brandt and McLean accomplished their task by using the jQuery UI Widget Factory. They built a Bootstrap carousel which expanded from one image to four, eight, or 16. Furthermore, they built a code that could “plug and play,” meaning it would be usable throughout the entirety of the website. After three long months, Brandt and McLean completed this project and were happy to add “website framework building” to their skill sets.