Working for Spiders

Spiders is made up of unique individuals who work together as a team, so it’s impossible to define a “standard” Spider. However, there are a few characteristics that stand out as beneficial when it comes to working here. Spiders is looking for students who have drive and passion. They should come in to work ready to learn and tackle their latest project. Below are a few characteristics that we look for in Spiders.

What We Look For

The more outside the box ideas flowing around the office, the better.

When you wish the weekend would end just so you can come into work, you know you’ve found the right job.

Teamwork is key. Where would Harry be without Ron and Hermione?

Good luck, we’re all counting on you.

Personal and professional. If you grow a few inches taller on the job, that won’t hurt either.

We need more hours in the day. Can you make that happen?

No need to touch your toes, but you should be willing to try new things and push yourself.